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Life Insurance with Aviva

The Aviva guaranteed whole of life insurance plan that's specially designed for anyone aged 50 to 80. It's a life insurance plan that will pay a specific amount of money to your loved ones when you die.

The amount of cover you can get depends on your age, gender and the premiums you pay. There is no medical to take and we won't ask any questions about your lifestyle. Unlike similar 50 plus life insurance plans, Aviva over 50 life insurance plan will pay out when you have been making payments for just 12 months. And, if you die after 12 months due to an accident, they will pay double the sum insured. Have a look at the summary of Aviva's 50 plus life cover below and if you would like to find the best 50+ Life Cover Quote, fill in the simple 30 second form above.

  • Choose the monthly premium you want to pay from between £7 and £50 per month, or choose a lump sum that you want to leave behind, so long as it works out within the premium payment limits
  • There are no medical questions and you can be covered from today
  • Your monthly payment will stay the same for the duration of the premium payment term
  • Acceptance is guaranteed if you're aged 50 to 80, a UK resident and have not exceeded the premium limit
  • You can have multiple plans as long as your monthly premium is not more than £100 in total for all your plans. Any plans issued before 25 January 2010 are not taken into account when applying this limit
  • The plan will pay out when you have been making payments for just 12 months. And, if you die after 12 months due to an accident, Aviva will pay double the sum insured

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